A Few Dollar Coins Worth Adding To Your Coin Collection

There are so many options available to you with dollar coin collecting that you would be hard pressed to identify the better dollar coins that are worth collecting.

Early Silver Dollars were minted to replace the Spanish Eight Reales and Spanish Milled Dollar coins that were freely circulating in the newly-formed United States. These large, heavy silver coins were in great demand in the early days of our nation and supply could barely match the demand.

The Flowing Hair Dollar was made in only the second year after the start of US Mint operations and was available in limited numbers with them being produced only for a couple of years with only about 162,000 coins in all. It was later replaced with the Bust Dollar that was minted in the middle of 1795. However, the Flowing Hair dollar is much sought after and its value is very, very high. The first struck 1794 Silver Dollar is currently valued at $10 million dollars.

Draped Dollar

The Draped Dollar that was minted between 1795 and 1803 had a number of varieties as well as errors in them and it is also a dollar coin that is worthy of being added to any dollar coin collection. There were just 19,570 such coins minted and the last of them was minted in the year 1803. The salient point about this dollar coin is that it is considered as being the most important of all dollar coins ever minted.

The popularity of the Draped Dollar cannot be denied though this popularity has led to many copies being made of it, most notably in China and so if you are considering buying these and adding them to dollar coin collections then you should only buy them from reputable and recognized coin dealers.

Another useful dollar coin that lends it well to dollar coin collecting is the Gobrecht Dollar that was minted after the 1831 exit of silver dollar coins. This is an expensive dollar coin, especially the 1836 version.

The Seated Liberty dollar coins are also worthy of dollar coin collecting exercises and these were minted in the year 1840 and in larger quantities than the Gobrecht Dollar. The Seated Liberty Dollar remained in existence till the year 1853 after which this dollar coin was used for trading with China and then the minting of this coin was finally stopped in the year 1870.

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