Tips for Finding a Good Coin Dealer

Coin dealers are often considered as best friends to coin collectors. While it is quite easy to find one, it’s important you find one with qualities such as being ethical and honest. Following are some characteristics that you would like your coin dealer to have.

He should be:

  • Knowledgeable and must possess allot of details of the topic
  • Respected by his friends and by other coin collectors as well
  • Financially stable
  • Demonstrates careful ethics

With that said, there are still a couple of things that you need to assess in order to evaluate a particular coin dealer.


A coin dealer must have at least several years of experience in the coin dealing industry and have certain accreditations from people. His credentials must be impeccable especially if your purpose for coin collection is for an investment. You have to remember that not every coin dealer is good at what they do. Some would just pretend to know everything but in the end, nothing. You need to find a reliable and knowledgeable coin dealer who can give you tons of accurate advice.


A coin dealer must be financially stable in order to recompense and for you to be sure that he will stay longer in the industry. There is a vast majority of genuine coins in the market and sometimes fake ones show up. A coin dealer’s certification can help with these things and when all else fails and it turned out that what you have is a fake, you can take it all back on your coin dealer.


It is wiser and safer to choose a coin dealer out of his friends’ decision to let him join a certain group or guild. Otherwise, if the community or even his band of friends don’t like the way he makes business, they wouldn’t let him join the club. It only means that doing business with him is not actually safer as it seems.


Nothing is more disheartening than to see how a scumbag would deal with his customers in a way that he’ s trying to get more out of what is being offered. In this case, you have to be pretty keen on how a coin dealer makes business with other people. He must treat everyone with manners and not differently just because you’re wearing designer clothes when you came in. A coin dealer must always be fair in the way he deals with every customer.

Take note that coin dealers who are ethical would have enough consideration and respect to their customers no matter how young or old they are. A good coin dealer must represent fairly, treat customers fairly and grade honestly. Nowadays, this is not always the scenario. Most of the coin dealers think that they could get away with everything.


PNG coin dealers are the ones who agree to submit arbitration in cases of disputes. You have to consider this especially if you are buying really expensive coins. You don’t want to go through all the complaints and lawsuits that’s why you have to be stern and avoid the slightest possibility.

It is advisable that you rely your coin collections on dealers that are affiliated with PNG just to be sure that your investment is safe.

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Comments on Tips for Finding a Good Coin Dealer

  1. Finding a reputable coin dealer is an important step for anyone looking to get started in collecting coins or in buying precious metals. So many people want to start owning coins but then delay because they don’t know the basics about how to find and evaluate a good coin dealer.

    These are some great tips for finding and evaluating coin dealers.

    Steve C