What is PCGS Certified Coins?

Have you been a keen coin enthusiast?  You are!?  Then, I am sure you have heard of PCGS?  No…?  Well, I am sure you have come across certified coins…?

Yet exactly what is a certified coin?  And who or what’s PCGS?

Well, to be aware of this we need to travel back to a period when there were no certified coins neither any certified coin traders.  A time when enthusiasts had to do their particular research and grade the standard of their very own coins as well as the coins they desired to buy.

This is a very tough time in the coin enthusiast in the world!  And the difference of one or two grades could mean plenty of dollars.  For example, lets say you’ve got this Coronet Type half cent from 1840.  You are wanting to promote the coin and you graded it a MS65.  That should enable you to get a simple $300.

So, putting it for sale at the next coin convention, so you obtain a buyer on the hook.  Nevertheless he looks at the coin and grades that it is a MS63.  This is a big difference.  Right now your $300 treasured coin is worth $50 for this purchaser.

Is he becoming truthful OR is he wanting to swindle you?  And this goes either way.  At times you would get some untrustworthy dealers that will try to up the grade on their coin in order to acquire some extra cash in the sale.

Today, if there were simply a trusted third-party who could grade the coin and settle the small dispute.  And there is!  PCGS.

PCGS is a third party grading service company.  PCGS is surely an fair third-party who takes your coin and gives it a certified grade of MS0 to MS70.  After that, to make certain nothing interferes with the certified grade…  PCGS puts the coin into an air tight closed plastic cover.

Contained in the plastic cover is the coin, along with a sheet of paper over the coin which authenticate’s the coin and describes the coin.  Collectors know this as little sheet of paper over the coin the “slab”.

PCGS certified coins are trustworthy by buyers and sellers alike.  This makes them a fantastic company to beat rating disputes if you ever attempt to promote your coin.

You are able to take your gold coin, silver coin, commemorative coin, and virtually any coin you’ve got and deliver it in to PCGS and they will provide a professional quality.

If you are looking to expand your US certified coins collection…  Then search for PCGS certified coins.  Why?  Well, because they’re great investments, because you know precisely what you are purchasing.  PCGS certified coins may also be passed on from one generation to another and they will keep not just their certified grade, but their innate value.

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