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At no time has silver been worthless. While that may seem like a silly statement, if you really think about it, stocks and bonds, real estate, many other types of investments may become less than stable, but at no time in history has precious metal been worth nothing at all, or been hard to sell.

5oz Apmex Silver BarFor thousands of years silver was the weight by which wealth was measured. It was cheaper than gold, but has been the basis for entire civilizations.

Even the renowned Warren Buffet did his bit with the precious metal.

In the late part of the 1990’s Buffett bought more than 100 million troy ounces (a few thousand metric tons) of silver. He did so at a price of about 4 dollars per troy ounce or a bit more. The silver price doubled and Buffet apparently sold, announcing in 2006 that he no longer held silver as an investment.

Pricing plummeted in 2008, as did many others but since then has continued to rise, slowly but steadily. Silver bullion prices can fluctuate quite widely dependent upon the supply and the demand for it. Silver is currently enjoying a very wide popularity as an investment item because the prices have been relatively good and they are steady prices.

In a credit crunch, something that is going to hold some real value is an investment that everyone should take part in, but finding it at low prices isn’t always easy. Silver bullion is something that isn’t always easy to find at a good enough price that it’s a solid investment for you?

Getting good quality at a cheap price is difficult. The recent demand for silver as an investment item is making it a hot commodity. Where can you find silver at a good enough price to make it a wise investment? Your best bet is to shop around. We found several great sites listed when we used Google search engine to seek out “low cost silver bullion” and “cheap silver bullion”.

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Silver is a great investment at nearly any time, but the pricing right now makes it remarkable. In an economy such as the one we’ve had visited on us the past few months, having a solid investment makes good sense. Silver bullion bars have been around as an investment for thousands of years. They will continue to make good sense economically. Now is the right time to invest wisely in silver bullion.

Article written by Amos Henry
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