Silver Morgan Round

Silver Rounds (like coins) are commonly used as investments, gifts, collected, or as protection in case of national disasters or bank failures. Silver in all forms is a standard recommendation for almost all survival and national disaster situations when banks may fail or close and paper money is useless. Only silver and gold is accepted everywhere in every emergency.

These Freshly Minted .999 Fine Silver BU Morgans meet the Highest International Standards and are IRA approved. Beautifully struck in .999+ Fine Silver the 1/2 oz Silver Morgan is a convenient size and way to own silver. Think about it – if the worst does happen and you need to spend some silver to get something – not everything is going to cost a full ounce of silver.

But perhaps the best reason to own these particular newly minted shiny glossy finish fine silver rounds . . . they are just really really beautiful. And it’s fun to let people know about something new. Hand your Silver Morgan to someone and ask if they can figure out what it is. This is a great silver product to collect both for the pure silver value and it’s an extra bonus that they are so beautifully minted.

You can join the Silver Snowball “Silver of the Month” program where it’s an easy convenient way to KNOW you are steadily accumulating real wealth. They will ship your Silver to you fast and also give you a free website.

Simply send people to your Free website and for every two Silver Morgans purchased at your website YOU get more silver in the form of Golden State Mint 1/2 Oz .999 Morgan Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Rounds. That’s based on silver you sell, not silver you buy.

You also get additional Bonus Silver on every two repeat customer silver orders for as long as you remain a member. (Another way to understand this is you earn 1/2 a bonus Silver Morgan on EVERY Silver Morgan sold, both new orders and repeat orders!) Or, if you need cash now you can choose to get paid by check.

Create an inflation proof income. If silver goes up your silver becomes worth more!

Earn Silver