Silver Snowball vs. Numis Network

I’m often asked by people who are considering a silver business which is best: Silver Snowball or Numis Network.

My response is to ask another question. Do you believe the economy is going to get better in the coming years, or do you believe the economy is about to crash amidst a massive currency crisis and hyperinflation?

Numismatic MS70 American EagleIf you believe the economy is going to get better, then Numis might outperform Silver Snowball overall. Numis Network sells numismatic coins (collectible coins) compared to the bullion coins sold by Silver Snowball.

You’ll pay many times the value of the silver bullion content for a numismatic coin with their high premium. At today’s approximate silver retail price of about $20, you’ll pay over 6 times more for a one ounce MS70 American Silver Eagle coin from Numis Network. A 2010 MS70 Silver Eagle can be bought from APMEX for $100, or on eBay for $106. While it’s true many numismatic coins generally appreciate over time and they will likely be worth more to collectors in the future, that assumes a good economy. And, of course, you’ll need to find the right collector to buy your coins at the right price when you want to sell.

bullioncoinOn the other hand, if you believe our economy is not so strong and may face a currency crisis with the devaluation of the dollar and hyperinflation, then Silver Snowball will outperform Numis. Unlike numismatic coins, silver bullion coins and bars derives its price from the worldwide spot market for silver and buyers are plentiful.

If a family is faced with losing their home or struggling to put food on the table, do you think they might sell their silver and gold to get the money they need to survive? If so, the market will be flooded with numismatic coins and the owners will likely have to settle for much less than they originally paid for their coins, perhaps getting not much more than the market price of silver bullion coins.

In the above scenario, the value of numismatic coins could fall to the silver or gold content value. On the other hand, silver bullion coins could be doubling, tripling, or quadrupling in price while the collector coins lose most of their value.

I have no special knowledge of the future and can’t predict what will happen, but from what I’ve learned from history and what I see happening in our economy today, I believe our economy is heading for a big crash before it gets better. I can’t see how we can sustain a national debt of over $12.5 Trillion with a budget deficit growing beyond $1.5 Trillion on top of a $56 Trillion total national debt without it all collapsing at some point. The question is, “When?

Gold and silver have been the safe haven asset for the past 5,000 years and will likely continue to be so. My purpose for investing in gold and silver is not greed or making lots of money. No, it’s to protect what I have and survive the coming crash so when things do get better I will be in a better place financially to thrive.

For me, the answer to which is the better choice, Silver Snowball or Numis Network, is simple. Rather than betting on the direction the economy will go in the future, I’m going to ensure that regardless of the outcome, my wealth is preserved with bullion coins from Silver Snowball.

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