Some Tips On Collecting Canadian Silver Coins

More and more people are now becoming actively involved with Canadian silver coin collecting, and one of the reasons is that like the American Dollar, Canadian paper money has deflated in value by as much as between twenty-five to thirty percent over a relatively short period of time. This increased interest in Canadian silver coin collecting has led manufacturers of Canadian coins into making a variety of coins that it is hoped will make up for the loss in value of paper money.

Canadian Maple LeafCanadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are one of the world’s most recognized silver bullion coins. First minted in 1988 and struck every year since, silver Maple Leaf coins contain one troy ounce of pure silver. Minted in .9999 fine silver, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs are among the purest of all silver dollar-sized coins minted by any government. Maple Leafs are magnificently designed, with attention to every intricate detail. This has made the Silver Maple Leaf highly desirable by investors and collectors alike.

Canadian Timber WolfThe newly released 2011 1 oz. Silver Canadian Timber Wolf Coin is the first coin released in the Royal Canadian Mint’s 3-year long “Canadian Wildlife Coin Series” program. The Royal Canadian Mint has placed a strict and and low mintage on these coins. With the unprecedented demand of these gorgeous .9999 fine silver coins in Europe and the rest of the world, these Timber Wolf coins will be in high demand. The obverse of the coin bears Queen Elizabeth II with a $5.00 CAN face value. The reverse has a beautifully designed Canadian Timber Wolf, with the moon and night time mountain side landscape behind this majestic Canadian predator.

Increase In Value Of The Coins

In fact, because many Canadian coins were made from silver, it ensures that by indulging in Canadian silver coin collecting the value of the collected coins will increase over a period of time. Another reason why people are getting involved in Canadian coin collecting is because these Canadian silver coins are an excellent example of the history of Canada, and so collecting these coins allows coin collectors to both own a monetary means of exchange as well as own a bit of Canadian history as well.

People from all parts of the world are being intrigued by the prospect of Canadian silver coin collecting. The reason is that Canadian coins have a wide diversity and they are expected to offer good value in the future. If you are interested in Canadian coin collecting then there are a few tips that are worth following to get the best out of your collection activities.

First off, to succeed at Canadian silver coin collecting requires that you do your homework before actually beginning to collect your coins. You should be aware of the history of various coins and also the opportunities they provide in making a profit out of selling them in the future.

Second off, try and collect the Canadian coins for free. Ask to look through your parents as well as grandparents coins to see if you can find some made from silver. Though collecting coins is not a complicated activity, getting whatever help that you can will help ensure greater success.

Canadian Silver DollarsThe Royal Canadian Mint issued the first silver dollar in 1935 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V. Canadian silver dollars minted from 1935 – 1967 contains .600 of an ounce of pure silver. Those minted in 1968 and later contain no silver, they are 100% nickel.

Similar to the fate of silver coins in America, Canada ended its rich history of circulating silver coins after 1968. Silver coins dated before 1920 are sterling (.925%) silver. Dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes from 1920 – 1966 are all 80% silver by weight. Dimes and quarters dated prior to 1968 were produced in both the normal .800 fine silver and in a reduced .500 silver. The production of silver halves ended abruptly in 1967, and later pieces were of nickel.

Lastly, collecting Canadian coins or any kind of coin collecting should be an activity that gives you much joy and also should be a fun activity. After all, Canadian silver coin collecting should be more than simply collecting treasures for the future; it should also be a pleasurable hobby.

It is also necessary to understand Canadian silver coin prices because the more information you are able to gather in this regard the better off you will be. Once you have a rough idea about Canadian coin collecting prices you can then consult with a professional who is an expert in Canadian coins, and then by combining the estimated price that you arrived at with the price suggested by the experts you will have arrived at the true Canadian coin collecting prices for all the Canadian coins that you want to collect.

You can save money and also choose only those Canadian coins that are of sufficiently good value to warrant adding them to your collection.

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