Silver Snowball Compensation Plan Explained

The Silver Snowball compensation plan is very simple.

For every 2 sold you get 1.

Silver Snowball Compensation Plan

What I mean is for every two coins bought by your members you earn one coin. These are large one full ounce 99.9% silver coins. So if you have even one subscriber who is getting two one ounce silver coins a month then you’d be earning a one ounce silver coin a month just from that one member. Or you could have two people each getting one coin – same thing.

So for every 2 sold you earn 1. This can be any combination of new members or subscribers who are automatically getting a coin or two a month.

This simple plan gives people a simple, low cost and RELIABLE way to accumulate pure silver coins.

And of course you can earn much more than just one bonus ounce of silver a month. For example with 10 coins bought you’d earn 5. With 100 you’d earn 50 one ounce American Eagle Silver coins. This is a simple affiliate program so ALL the commissions go to you. You don’t have to build a downline or depend on someone else to do that for you.

Earn Silver

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