Valuable Resources

What is perhaps your greatest weapon against the onslaught of propaganda being constantly fed to you by the globalist corporate owned mainstream media is knowledge. Education is perhaps the starting point to waking up America to the importance of sound money. The following websites can help you open your eyes to what the International bankers are doing to our money and why it’s important to return to our founders vision for a prosperous America found in the U.S. Constitution.

  • Restore The Republic
    Homepage of the Freedom Movement offering Social networking, Meetups, Videos, Blogs, Forums, Action
    The flagship website of Alex Jones where you’ll learn about the news and information regarding violations of civil liberties, global government, and a wide variety of current events topics not reported by the mainstream media.
  • Freedom Above Fortune
    This organization is dedicated to the concept that no amount of real or perceived economic prosperity (“fortune”) is worth trading for your liberty.
  • We The People
    Home of We The People projects and information! Including Continental Congress 2009, and the Articles of Freedom”
  • CampaignForLiberty
    The organization started by Ron Paul to continue the R3volution, focused on supporting “Freedom Candidates”, and restoring the Republican party to its founding principles.
  • National Inflation Association
    Preparing Americans for Hyperinflation
  • The Corbett Report
    Open Source Intelligence News
  • Peak Prosperity
    Massive change is underway in our economy, energy and environment. We connect the dots as events unfold, offering valuable insights on how to protect and grow both wealth and quality of life.
  • The Dollar Vigilante
    a free market individual who protests the government monopoly on money and financial policies such as fractional reserve banking and un-backed fiat currencies by selling those same fiat currenciesĀ  in favor of other assets, often including gold, silver, foreign real estate and bitcoin.
  • SGTreport

As important as precious metals are to protecting your financial well being, another commodity is even more important… food. You can’t eat your gold and silver when you’re hungry, while you may be able to buy some food with it. That’s why I believe it’s smart to also accumulate some food reserves to protect yourself from potential empty store shelves in the midst of hyperinflation.