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Silver Bullion Offers a Lot of Financial Security

Investment in Silver Bullion Offers a Lot of Financial Security For the Future

Silver although not as popular as gold has carved its own place in the investment market. These days more and more financial advisors are getting their clients to invest in silver bullion because they feel that this will offer them a lot of financial security in the near future. Economists of the world believe that during troubled economic times, most countries, government, and people start looking back at traditional values and this is where investment in silver and gold begins.

The world has barely started to breathe a little since the recession but the highly volatile market trends have not changed much. It has been seen in the recent past that strong currencies like the U.S. dollar and the British Pound have started to lose value. The British Pound has lost as much as 30% of its actual value against currencies like Japanese Yen. At the same time, the United States is trying to print green dough’s in order to find its way out of the recession crisis. This method of saving bankrupt companies has increased the fear factor in the average citizen because another bout of recession can end it all for the US.

This is one of the reasons why people should start investing in stronger portfolios like silver. Silver bullion is not just here to stay but silver in itself is a life saver. It will help in protecting you from any financial insecurity in the coming years and also help in protecting your underlying wealth. At least, you will have something that can be traded – you can’t trade stocks during economic crisis.

The stock market can crash but gold and silver are resources that will not lose their value. One of the best forms of silver investment is through bullion. The best place to buy silver bullion from is the mints. You can invest in silver rounds and bars, in 100-oz silver bars, and much more. When you are investing in silver bullion, check for.999+, purity in the bars. Silver bars are available in several weights but the most common are:

– 1 Troy Ounce
– 5 Troy Ounce
– 10 Troy Ounce
– 100 Troy Ounce
– 5 Gram
– 10 Gram
– ¼ Troy Ounce
– ½ Troy Ounce

These silver bars are also available in different sizes and thickness as well and can vary from 18.3mm in length to 150mm. The width can vary from 30.3mm to 76mm while the thickness will vary from 1.12mm to 26.9mm. The purity will remain.999 but this is something that you should always check before investing. Any silver bullion having purity of less than.999 will have much lesser return on investment value.

There are several other aspects to consider if you are planning to invest in silver bullion like collecting information in the market performance in the last decade, types of bullion available, storage for silver bullion, transporting it and much more. The more informed you are, the better silver bullion investment you can make.

Article written by Kelly Hunter
Kelly Hunter owns and operates Silver Bullion Bars and writes about Silver Bullion Bars

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Gold is hitting record highs; Silver is climbing

Ongoing concerns over stalled U.S. debt ceiling talks, as well as fears of debt contagion in Europe have fueled the rapid increases in Gold and Silver with investors seeking a safe haven in precious metals. Analyst Kathleen Brooks noted, “Recently, Gold has outpaced Silver; however, with Gold reaching a record … we think that Silver may play catch up.”  Gold’s appeal as a safe haven and hedge against inflation are shining through in this time of global economic uncertainty. In addition, analysts suspect the price of Silver to continue its rise as investors seek an alternative to Gold and as demand from emerging markets begins to outpace the world’s limited Silver supplies.

The prices of Gold and Silver may only continue to rise if:

  1. there is a continued lack of progress on the U.S. debt ceiling talks with an August 2 deadline looming,
  2. European Union leaders seek solutions to bail out Greece again while trying to stop the crisis from hitting Spain or Italy, and
  3. investors worry about rising U.S. inflation with a possible third round of quantitative easing, known as QE3.

If you have been waiting to make your investment, don’t put it off any longer! CitiFX’s Chief Technical Strategist, Tom Fitzpatrick, said the next Gold rally should be similar to the July through December 2010 rally. Some experts say the technical charts for Gold based on past rallies see the precious metal reaching $1,750 an ounce or higher.

Recently, investors have been particularly interested in the following precious metal investments.

Gold American Eagles1 oz. 2011 Gold American Eagles

Since the Gold American Eagle was introduced in 1986, it has been in high demand. Its stately appearance and proud symbolism make the Gold American Eagle one of the world’s most popular forms of personal Gold ownership.

Buffalo Silver Rounds1 oz. Buffalo Silver Rounds

This .999 fine Silver bullion coin is a beautiful example of James Earl Fraser’s classic Buffalo design. Investors and collectors alike treasure this popular and easy to store coin.

Strike while the market is hot and take advantage of growing investment opportunities.

Don’t miss your chance to lock in your Gold and Silver position. Concerns over QE3, the ongoing European debt crisis and the looming U.S. debt ceiling may cause prices to increase even more.

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Silver Morgan Round

Silver Rounds (like coins) are commonly used as investments, gifts, collected, or as protection in case of national disasters or bank failures. Silver in all forms is a standard recommendation for almost all survival and national disaster situations when banks may fail or close and paper money is useless. Only silver and gold is accepted everywhere in every emergency.

These Freshly Minted .999 Fine Silver BU Morgans meet the Highest International Standards and are IRA approved. Beautifully struck in .999+ Fine Silver the 1/2 oz Silver Morgan is a convenient size and way to own silver. Think about it – if the worst does happen and you need to spend some silver to get something – not everything is going to cost a full ounce of silver.

But perhaps the best reason to own these particular newly minted shiny glossy finish fine silver rounds . . . they are just really really beautiful. And it’s fun to let people know about something new. Hand your Silver Morgan to someone and ask if they can figure out what it is. This is a great silver product to collect both for the pure silver value and it’s an extra bonus that they are so beautifully minted.

You can join the Silver Snowball “Silver of the Month” program where it’s an easy convenient way to KNOW you are steadily accumulating real wealth. They will ship your Silver to you fast and also give you a free website.

Simply send people to your Free website and for every two Silver Morgans purchased at your website YOU get more silver in the form of Golden State Mint 1/2 Oz .999 Morgan Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Rounds. That’s based on silver you sell, not silver you buy.

You also get additional Bonus Silver on every two repeat customer silver orders for as long as you remain a member. (Another way to understand this is you earn 1/2 a bonus Silver Morgan on EVERY Silver Morgan sold, both new orders and repeat orders!) Or, if you need cash now you can choose to get paid by check.

Create an inflation proof income. If silver goes up your silver becomes worth more!

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Silver Incuse Indian Rounds

Patterned after the $2.50 & $5.00 Indian Head Gold Coin Minted from 1908 to 1929, these Silver Incuse Indian Rounds contain 1/10th troy ounce of pure .999 silver each, are hallmark stamped to that effect, and are roughly the same size as a dime. Their design is taken directly from one of the most famous coins in U.S. history: the Indian Head Half Eagle $5 Gold Piece.

The quality that sets these coins apart from all others stylistically is their unprecedented incuse relief: unlike any other modern design, the images and inscriptions on the Indian Head Half Eagle are sunken into the surface of the coin. Bela-Lyon Pratt, a well-known American sculptor and artist, crafted a Native American in full headdress surrounded by thirteen stars for the coin’s obverse. An American eagle standing atop fasces and an olive branch – symbols of military preparedness and peace, respectively – appears on the reverse.

With uncertain economic times and silver prices on the rise, multiple denominations of bullion are highly desired. These, and other fractional silver coins are available in 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, & 1 troy ounce .999 Fine Silver rounds.