Coin Collecting

Guide for Rare Coin Collectors

Coin collecting is one hobby that is both fun and challenging. To help those who are looking for those rare coins, here is a list of hard to find ones that are worth moving “heaven and earth” for.

Gold coins are something of a rare commodity. They were circulated only until 1933, which makes them expensive when they are auctioned. The nice thing about gold is that its value probably will never go down – making it a good investment.

Another rare coin sought by collectors is the Liberty Seated Dollar. These were last produced some time in the 19th century and are considered to be a rare find.

From 1875 to 1878, twenty cent coins were minted. This coin looks very much like a quarter and since its value is very low today, it is a coin worth looking for.

The Barber half dollars are rare coins that were minted from 1892 until 1915 and are collected by people depending on date or type. One of the challenges that occurs when searching for this coin is finding one in good condition.

The 1917 type One Standing Liberty Quarter is another coin worth owning. It was only minted for 2 years and shows the exposed breast of Ms. Liberty. This design created such an uproar that it had to be replaced and was only circulated for a year.

Mercury dimes were produced periodically during the 20th century. The market value of some of them is $50 a piece.

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar is a beautiful coin for collectors. They were only circulated for 4 years and are considered to be one of the all time rare coins to ever exist.

The Texas Commemorative Half Dollar is another rare coin. Only 150,000 of these were minted over a 4 year period and just 60% to 80% of these are still available today making it one of the hardest coins to find today…

The most expensive coin is the $20 Saint Gaudens. This was sold in an auction for nearly $8 million. The design is truly superb and the value of it has never dropped even during the 1980-82 bear market.

Rare coins are truly a challenge for anyone who seeks to make this a mission in life. Not only are they hard to find but it they are expensive to acquire. Should a person have the funds available to purchase them then this adventure is truly something worth finishing.

ISN Modern Coins is a trusted premier Modern coins dealer specializing in the sale of high grade modern day graded and certified government struck coins from around the world. Their wide variety of coins include but is not limited to “Mint State” and “Proof” American Silver Eagles, Australian Koala’s, Chinese Pandas, Lunar Series Coins and much more. No matter your coin need ISN Modern Coins more than likely can fill it.

Using Coin TV To Locate Rare Coins

If you are an avid collector of currency, you may discover it advantageous to make use of Coin Television to buy your coins. As the term suggests, Coin Television is basically a TV program that permits individuals to watch the TV programs and purchase no matter what they want when it comes to rare coins. This is a exceptionally simple solution to perform the gathering of such currency, as you don’t need to worry about traveling large distances if you’ll want to purchase any uncommon coins. You’ll be able to simply take advantage of Coin TV, and you’ll find that your life as an avid coin collecting enthusiast is much less complicated while you go this route. Nonetheless, for the best effect, it’s essential to do a couple of issues with a purpose to profit from it in maximum effect.

If you are just only now beginning any coin collection, you may need to make use of Coin Television to seek out uncommon, but low cost coins to purchase. In This way, you possibly can easily assemble up your coin collection without the need to spend too much cash. This, nevertheless, isn’t a strict rule. If you’re simply starting out as a coin collector, you can still use Coin Television to search out very priceless coins which you’ll be able to then purchase. The issue with this is that you must have a tremendous capital expense relying on what kind of currency you’ll want to collect.

Whenever you want to collect such coins utilizing Coin Television, you to start with need to figure out what you like. For example, if you’re simply starting out as a collector, you may not be very particular about what you want from the Coin Television choices. Nonetheless, in case you have been established for long as a collector, you’ll be able to then try to discover those uncommon items which are missing out of your collection by using Coin Television too.

The only distinction with the latter is that more often than not, you could not need to concern yourself with some of the coins offered on Coin Television. You just must keep a watch out for those ads featuring coins that you simply actually want. Once you find something that you just love on Coin Television, you’ll be able to simply just call in and then ask for the details on tips on how to go about attaining such coins. In fact, the prices of the coins are presented on the Coin Television channel, which means that you’ll only be making inquiries about the offerings that you are truly really interested in.

There are times when you possibly can not have much time to look at Coin Television, and may end up missing out on some extraordinary deals. Therefore it’s worthwhile to make sure that you simply document the Coin Television, and then watch the program when you’ve gotten extra time. This way, you may simply discover the Coin Television advertisements which might be pleasant to you, even when you’re away or are too busy to observe Coin TV. Whenever you do this, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t put off watching the programs, since you may discover that a number of the products were already sold.

ISN Modern Coins is a trusted premier Modern coins dealer specializing in the sale of high grade modern day graded and certified government struck coins from around the world. Their wide variety of coins include but is not limited to “Mint State” and “Proof” American Silver Eagles, Australian Koala’s, Chinese Pandas, Lunar Series Coins and much more. No matter your coin need ISN Modern Coins more than likely can fill it.

2012 United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set

In 2010, the United States Mint launched the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, a 12-year initiative with 56 quarter-dollar coins featuring reverse designs depicting some of our most cherished national parks and other national sites. Under this program, the United States Mint will issue five new quarter designs per year, with one final design in 2021. The third year of the program, 2012, features the third five quarters in the series.

America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof SetWith each coin struck in lustrous 90 percent silver, also known as “coin silver,” the 2012 edition of the United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set features the third release of five quarters in the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.

In 2012, the sites being featured are El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico, Acadia National Park in Maine, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii and Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Each quarter bears the “S” mint mark of the United States Mint at San Francisco. – Your One Best Source for Coins Worldwide – Shop now!

Coin Collecting Software: A Tool To Help You Keep Tabs On Your Collection Of Coin

For people that are interested in collecting coins using coin collecting software can prove to be an asset and an ally that will help ensure that they get most out of their hobby and interests in collecting different kinds of coins. In fact, before you settle on particular coin collecting software you will need to, at first, choose from various different options each of which helps in making the task of collecting coins that much easier.

Advances In Technology

Given the many advances taking place in the world of modern technology, it would be pretty rare to find a coin collector that is not making use of some form of technological aid to help them with their coin collection activities. Coin collecting software is in fact a useful tool that will greatly simplify many aspects of collecting coins as it provides easy access to a lot of information and in addition provides leads on various kinds of coins.

Coin collecting software also helps coin collectors create and maintain a database of coins that can be bought, sold as well as traded. And, if you happen to have a penchant for using computers, then coin collecting software is certainly a wonderful aid to help you track your coin collecting activities.

One of the better coin collecting software being sold on the market today is the one known as CoinManage 2011 that provides users with an exhaustive database of various coins and in addition it greatly simplifies the task of entering data into the database. There are also excellent reporting features and you can also use this coin collecting software to locate coins at auction sites such as eBay.

Coin Organizer Deluxe is excellent coin collecting software that helps users to sort as well as manage their entire coin collection and there are also options provided by Coin Organizer Deluxe that allow you to sort according to coin type. This means that if you are looking for coins that are old and rare you can easily get results based on these criteria; or you can look for and find medieval crimes and even modern coins.

Many coin collectors consider Trove Software as being the best coin collecting software. Part of the reason for this preference for this coin collecting software can be attributed to the fact that Trove Software has been used by the coin collecting industry for more than an estimated twenty years and is providing excellent service over this period.

Finding Out The Value Of Old Coins

If you have a collection of old coins, you are probably curious to know what their value is. Whether you are interested in selling them and making some money on the side or wish to keep them around and pass them on to your kids, here are a few things that you will want to do if you want to find out the value of old coins.


In relation to finding out the value of old coins, here are a few different resources that are available to you and which you might be interested in using. The Internet is by far the best resource to you here however and one that you are going to find easiest to use. There are numerous different sites that offer information on finding the value of old coins, and that you can go through and view color pictures to see which are like the ones that you have including great information about money counters or money counting machines.

Antique Dealer

Another way to know the value of old coins which you have is to go to an antiques dealer. They are experts in all things antique and valuable, and so they will be able to have a look at your coin collection and let you know what it is worth.

You will usually have to pay a fee to see an antique dealer, but it will be worthwhile to deal with a professional and know for sure what the value of old coins you have is. Coin collecting is a hobby that goes back for a long time, and is one which is definitely exciting and a lot of fun.


Besides this, there are also several things that you want to remember when you are trying to find old coins to add to your collection. It is very simple to get confused and think that certain coins may be valuable when they are really not. There is also the fact that some sellers out there will be trying to scam you and get your money for coins that are not really valuable, so be careful and ensure that you know whom you are dealing with.

When it comes to determining the value of old coins, one of the most major factors is the law of demand and supply. For instance, if there are several coins of a particular type available, then it’s not going to be that valuable.

Feds May Seize Liberty Dollars

Coin World reports that the feds are looking to seize liberty dollars from collectors and those using the coins instead of inflation-ridden Federal Reserve notes.

Liberty Dollar

Officials with the U.S. Attorney’s Office said on August 24 that the coins are contraband. The Secret Service, the federal agency responsible for confiscating counterfeit money, did not provide any definitive comments concerning under what circumstances Liberty Dollars would be seized, according to Paul Gikes of Coin World.

The coins are illegal even if they are not used for barter, the feds insist. Jill Rose, chief of the August 24 that the Liberty Dollar medallions are confiscable as contraband if they are being exhibited for educational purposes or held privately.

Rose was the lead prosecutor in the Bernard von NotHaus case. Von NotHaus is the creator of the Liberty Dollar. He was convicted by the feds in March on multiple charges involving the alternative currency that competes with fiat money distributed by the privately owned Federal Reserve. During the trial it was determined that Liberty Dollars are counterfeits, contraband and subject to seizure.

Von NotHaus was convicted by a jury after the feds successfully argued that Liberty coins are counterfeits because they include the words “Trust in God,” similar to the words “In God We Trust” on Federal Reserve coins. He faces up to 15 years in jail, a $250,000 fine, and may be forced to give $7 million worth of minted coins and precious metals – weighing 16,000 pounds – to the government.

The prosecution and conviction of von NotHaus was politically motivated. He is the founder of NORFED, the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Code.

Following the verdict against von NotHaus, the government characterized him as a domestic terrorist.

“Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism,” said U.S. Attorney Tompkins. “While these forms of anti-government activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country,” she added. “We are determined to meet these threats through infiltration, disruption, and dismantling of organizations which seek to challenge the legitimacy of our democratic form of government.” (Emphasis added.)

The Liberty Dollar raid was indistinguishable from “similar raids conducted by Soviet and Chinese communist officials against private businesses operating in those countries,” writes Jacob Hornberger. “Unfortunately, in the post-9/11 world in which we now live, anything goes as far as federal power is concerned. The heavy-handed, perhaps even fraudulent, Soviet-style attack on NORFED is proof-positive of that.”

According to Rose and the government, the Liberty Dollar is “a pyramid scheme imbedded with fraud” that had nothing to do with barter or trade. “Barter is an equal and knowing exchange,” which the Liberty Dollar is not, Rose and the government claim.

Coin World had previously published comments from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Charlotte stating that while mere possession of Liberty Dollar medallions was not a violation of federal statutes, actual use or intent to use them in the manner for which von NotHaus was convicted would be considered a violation.

Glen Kessler, assistant special agent in charge in North Carolina for the U.S. Secret Service, told Coin World that the Secret Service is “duty-bound to confiscate” Liberty Dollars.

George Ogilvie, the public affairs officer for the federal agency, told the publication the Secret Service had no comment on the matter.

It now appears the feds are moving to criminalize mere possession. Collectors are now at risk, especially if they oppose the Federal Reserve and are politically active.

Article written by Kurt Nimmo
August 30, 2011

Popular Silver Coins To Collect

Starting a silver coin collection is a great hobby that you will quickly find yourself addicted to. There are several different coins which can be collected so it is a great idea to pick something like silver coins to focus on when you are just starting out. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

When individuals think about silver coins this is easy to assume this includes all nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars. They’re all silver in appearance so it’s not hard to imagine why persons would think of them in that regard. In reality, many of these coins are not really silver at all. Actually, most of the coins created today don’t even contain any silver as it cost too much money to make each coin.

To determine the kinds of silver coins for your collection which are available you will have to do some research first. Spend some time getting to know the different types of coins which are out there and learn the details connected with each one. Realize the levels of grading that are associated with each coin to help you get a better understanding of the overall value that each coin has.

Several Types of Silver Coins You Can Collect

Half dollars are good silver coins to collect. The United States Mint began making this coin way back in 1794 which were then called the Flowing Hair Half Dollars. Several different kinds of the half dollar were minted between 1794 and 1964. During this period of time these coins were made from 90 per cent silver.

Many people will find that collecting the earliest half dollars will not be an easy job. Coins from the 1700s and 1800s could be pretty worn out which decreases their value. Even in this worn out condition old silver coins like this can still cost a small fortune.

Another common silver coin to collect is dollar. Just like the half dollar, production of the silver dollar began in 1794. There are a variety of various versions of the dollar and up until 1971 they were produced with a large amount of silver in them. An important things you need when you are collecting coin are coin counter machine and electronic coin sorter that can help you to count your coin collection.

When the united states Mint started creating the Eisenhower Dollar in 1971 they stopped making use of silver as its key ingredient. There were a couple of years where the mint produced special versions of this dollar but they were limited in release and aimed specifically towards silver coin collectors.

ISN Modern Coins is a trusted premier Modern coins dealer specializing in the sale of high grade modern day graded and certified government struck coins from around the world. Their wide variety of coins include but is not limited to “Mint State” and “Proof” American Silver Eagles, Australian Koala’s, Chinese Pandas, Lunar Series Coins and much more. No matter your coin need ISN Modern Coins more than likely can fill it.

A Few Dollar Coins Worth Adding To Your Coin Collection

There are so many options available to you with dollar coin collecting that you would be hard pressed to identify the better dollar coins that are worth collecting.

Early Silver Dollars were minted to replace the Spanish Eight Reales and Spanish Milled Dollar coins that were freely circulating in the newly-formed United States. These large, heavy silver coins were in great demand in the early days of our nation and supply could barely match the demand.

The Flowing Hair Dollar was made in only the second year after the start of US Mint operations and was available in limited numbers with them being produced only for a couple of years with only about 162,000 coins in all. It was later replaced with the Bust Dollar that was minted in the middle of 1795. However, the Flowing Hair dollar is much sought after and its value is very, very high. The first struck 1794 Silver Dollar is currently valued at $10 million dollars.

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Why is a Coin Grading Service Important?

As coin collecting has increased in popularity and more people are looking to add silver and gold coins to their portfolios, many have discovered market prices of coins has varied immensely.

When the coin market was limited to a small number of collectors and dealers, coins were priced in pretty simple terms. Since the market has expanded and dealers became more inconsistent with the prices they set for the coins, the need for a standard scale arose. That is where the coin grading service entered the scene.

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Buying Silver Coins at Auction Sales

In a silver coin collection, the most difficult part is how to find the coins for the collection. A collector’s main method of acquiring coins is by buying them. The most common alternative in acquiring a coin is through purchase in auction sales.

Rare coins and those that are of high quality are oftentimes very difficult to buy. Auction sales whether online or at auction houses provide coin buyers the option to acquire these types of coins at lower prices.

No matter how popular auction sales have become to many collectors, it is still important to know the advantages and disadvantages they can provide to coin collectors. Here are some points must to be considered before buying in auction sales.

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Some Ways to Buy Silver Coins

There are numerous sources where those silver coins can be purchased. The following are the basic methods and starting places to obtain the silver coin(s) you have long wanted.

Go local

1964 Kennedy Half DollarCoin shops are plentiful almost everywhere. Generally your local area or city will have coin shops which you can visit to purchase silver bullion coins as well as collectible silver coins. Most of these coin shops are located in the larger town or cities. Better yet, use your local phone book and start walking those fingers through the pages to find out where the nearest coin shop(s) is located…

These shops provide coin collectors the opportunity to actually examine or scrutinize the coins that interest you. Fortunately, these coin shops are also replete with experts and coin lovers who share your passion and can offer their valid judgment on a particular coin’s grade or value. They can also offer helpful tips as well as advice.

Local coin shops may sometimes have a limited stock or collection of silver coins and the price they offer them for may be a little bit higher than some other places.

Auctions for Silver Coins

seated_liberty_dollarThere are also auctions specifically for silver coins. This method is a very effective – if not excellent – way to purchase silver coins. It is extremely important that prior to attending an auction you know the procedures and rules that apply.

There are various types of auctions; bidding auctions via mail, internet, as well as auctions conducted by phone. Always be aware and wary! It is important to make sure that you set a fixed price on the coin you are about to bid on. Auctions can turn very emotional and aggressive. Practice discipline and try not to bid more than the ceiling price you have set for yourself.

I have purchased numerous silver coins on eBay for example. You can find good buys on silver bullion coins and bars, junk silver coins, numismatic silver coins, and just about any sort of silver coin.

Buying silver coins by mail

This method is a very convenient and inexpensive way to purchase silver coins. Most dealers that transact via mail usually have overhead costs that are low so they are able to offer similarly low prices on coins they sell.

Do not forget to thoroughly inspect a particular dealer’s policies before returning an item. Make sure that once you receive your coin, immediately inspect it for authenticity or damage. The coin you must have must be just as you ordered and what you expected.

In summary, silver coin buying is not difficult. All you need is to research and look for the best product available.

Tips for Finding a Good Coin Dealer

Coin dealers are often considered as best friends to coin collectors. While it is quite easy to find one, it’s important you find one with qualities such as being ethical and honest. Following are some characteristics that you would like your coin dealer to have.

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What Factors Affect The Value Of Coins?

Many people ask when they are just starting in coin collecting, “What is the value of the coin?” Oftentimes the answer is that the coin will cost as much as you are willing to pay for it and that amount can vary considerably. For instance, a coin dealer’s offer can be much less than a coin collector who wants your coin badly to add to his collection.

The following are factors that can influence the true value of a coin.

1. Grade or condition of the coin. Your coin will be worth more when it is in good condition. When in a perfect or unblemished mint condition, an “uncirculated” coin will be worth many times more than a similar coin that has been in circulation.

2. The rarity of a coin is the principal basis for a coins value. Generally, the rarer that a coin is found to be, the higher it is priced. Do keep in mind that rarity has very little influence on the coins age. Chinese coins are a thousand years old normally sell for about ten dollars since there are so many of them; while a 1913 Liberty Head Nickel can sell for up to or over a million dollars because only five specimens are known to be in existence.

3. Bullion value. A coin’s precious metal content can determine its value. A platinum, silver or gold coin will not, in general sell for less than the coins value when melted. You can learn the current spot price of your precious metal coins online.

4. Demand. There are coins that are greatly in demand; sought after by many collectors, and if that a particular coin is in great demand the price will be even higher. Even comparatively plentiful coins can mandate higher value when they are popular with coin collectors. For example, I have seen very high premiums in recent years of silver American Eagle coins, even though they are not particularly rare.

Take for example 1916 D dimes which are much more abundant than the 1798 dimes, yet in spite of this, 1916 D dimes sell for so much more because there are many more individuals collecting 20th century dimes than 1700 dimes.

Here’s how you can determine the approximate value of your coin:

1. Properly, accurately, and correctly recognize and classify your coin. You can do this successfully by examining your coin in a catalog or online with a coin price guide; this will give you an idea of the going rate and price of your particular coin and you can determine the approximate value of your coin.

Coin values are changing every day so you need to use a coin price guide that is updated on a daily basis to obtain the current coin value. Look at online sites that offer step by step guidance on how to recognize your coin the proper way.

2. Grade your coin based on your thorough observation and examination of its current condition.

3. Consult coin catalogs for a list of retail prices and/or estimates of your coins retail value. “A Guide Book of United States Coins”, popularly known as “The Red Book” to coin dealers and collectors, provides information on retail coin prices for US coins and is available in libraries, coin shops and bookstores. “The Standard Catalog of World Coins” (in volumes) is a guide commonly used by coin dealers and collectors as well, to provide information on world coins and is available in many public libraries.

You can also check current coin prices based on the actual dealer coin price found in magazines and newspapers or online auctions such as Yahoo, Coin World, eBay or Teletrade.

Most collectors are not collecting coins primarily for money; they collect for enjoyment and self gratification, and profit is to be last consideration. The fact that a particular coin does not have a large monetary value, does not necessarily suggest that it is no longer interesting or fascinating or that it must not be included in your collection.

Each coin will have a certain interest in itself, regardless of the condition that it is in and regardless of its monetary value. There will always be a certain characteristic that will draw you to that particular coin; so when it does, then you should have it in your collection. Have fun!

What Types of Coins Do Collectors Love?

Simplicity is not the best policy when it comes to coin collecting. Oftentimes it is the rareness, the history, or the mother country of the coins that collectors value most.

Here is a variety of coins that “coinophiles” are obsessed with:

National Coins: Patriotism in Coins

Usually, national coin collectors are interested in collecting their own country’s coins. It is common practice for collectors of national coins to get a representative coin from each date and mint marks for each coin series. Various national coin collectors combine a unique variation of series, date and mint marks.

Error Coins: It’s OK to be Not-So-OK

One of the modern types of coin collecting is known as error coin collecting. Errors became possible when the production of coins was automated during the nineteenth century. Collectors of historic coins are fine with error coins because they like the uniqueness or error coins. Even modern day coin collector falls in love with error coins because they are assured that the modern processes promise that they are unique. The characteristics or coin errors include the following:

  • dies that are doubled
  • mint marks that are repunched
  • over-dated
  • double strikes
  • coins that are “off” metal
  • coins that are displaced or off center
  • coins that are clipped
  • one coin with different nominations on two sides a.k.a. mules

World Coins: Hobby of Kings…. of the World

Collecting world coins is about gathering those modern coins from all the countries of the world. Geographically-challenged individuals will have a hard time participating in this kind of coin collecting. If you would like to be a collector of world coins, you must be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money if you would want to have an extensive collection – being a “jetsetter” might be required. World coin collectors often acquire representative coins from each country or from authorities that issue coins. There are also world coin collectors that collect by subject such as those coins that feature animals.

Historical Coins: The Value of the Past

Collectors of historic coins find value in mints that are from medieval or ancient times. The most popular of these historic coins include the following:

  • Byzantine
  • Celtic
  • Greek
  • Indian
  • Israelite
  • Merovingian
  • Ostrogothic

There are other ancient coin specialties but it really depends on the preferences of the collectors. The popular way is to collect the coins that were minted during the reign of a certain emperor or king.

ISN Modern Coins is a trusted premier Modern coins dealer specializing in the sale of high grade modern day graded and certified government struck coins from around the world. Their wide variety of coins include but is not limited to “Mint State” and “Proof” American Silver Eagles, Australian Koala’s, Chinese Pandas, Lunar Series Coins and much more. No matter your coin need ISN Modern Coins more than likely can fill it.

Gold Coins May Not Be As Pure As Gold Bars, But They Have A Few Advantages

Buying gold coins is superior to buying gold in the form of bars and even jewelry. This is a simple option and can be very inexpensive as you can purchase gold coins for as low a price as forty dollars. Storing them is also no big deal as they can easily be kept out of sight in a home vault, or even in the vault of a bank. You can buy gold coins in a number of different ways: American Eagles, Australian Sovereigns, South African Krugerrands and even UK Sovereigns, to name a few options.

Make A Great Collection
Gold CoinIt is also possible to make your very own gold coins’ collection with the choice of American Eagles and also Gold sovereigns being very good options which are the most common choices for most people. Also, when buying these items remember that they do not have a fixed weight or size, and they are measured on their value as well as weight that can differ according to the size of the coins. The unit of measurement is grams though earlier they were measured as troy ounces which were a part of an ounce. Nevertheless, one cannot deny that gold bars are the most pure form of gold being measured as nine hundred and ninety-nine parts out of a possible thousand, while coins are only nine hundred and seventeen parts per thousand.

You will find that buying of gold coins is easy when you shop from the Internet and even from a gold shop. However, you must be well aware of the particulars of gold including its name, type as well as make which should be well displayed. Also, when shopping online you should ask for and get pictures of the coins to satisfy you that everything is in order. No doubt, one cannot pinpoint any single gold coin as being ideal, and it can be rated according to one’s own taste which means that some people prefer the Eagles while others may evaluate the Sovereigns to be the best because it is all a matter of individual preferences.

You can also derive much pleasure from collecting gold coins and many people make it their hobby, and if you happen to be lucky enough to have purchased some of the very valuable rare coins, your collection would fetch you a very good price too. So, if you want to collect gold coins make sure that you start off on a small footing and not get overexcited and make sure that you invest money wisely and deal only with reputable persons who also subscribe to PNG which is the Professional Numismatists Guild.

Deciding What Kind Of Silver Coins To Collect

Are you one of those people who are just getting into the silver coin collecting hobby? If are new silver coin collecting, the first thing that you need to do is to learn how to choose the kind of silver coin to collect. No, you cannot just go out there and pick up any coins that caught your fancy. You need to have a system if you want to come up with an impressive silver coin collection. To help you get started in silver coin collecting, here are some tips for you.

Getting Started

Before you start collecting coins, you need to know a good deal about history. Why? Coins are part of history and the more you know about history, the more you will be able to choose the right kind of coins to collect. Read a few good history books and take note of the coins that are minted and circulated during certain periods of time. Aside from reading books, you may want to join seminars on silver coin collecting and learn a few things about how to collect historical coins. Attending silver coin collecting seminars can also provide you with a venue to meet other coin collectors and learn something from them.

Working On Your Collection

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to coin collecting, it is always better to work systematically when collecting silver coins.

First, you need to start collecting silver coins based on their country of origin. For instance, if you want to come up with an impressive silver coin collection, you can collect silver coins coming from Canada at a certain period of time. Keep in mind that Canadian coin prices are known to vary according to existing conditions in the coin market, so you will also need to factor in these changes when determining the Canadian coins you collect.

Second, you can collect silver coins by types or series. For instance, you can collect U.S. silver eagle coins. American Eagle Silver Dollars are authorized by Congress and produced by the United States Mint at West Point, New York and are legal tender coins with a face value of one dollar (though they are worth considerably more since the market price of one ounce of silver has been many times greater than one dollar for more than four decades).

You must understand that coin collecting is just like collecting bits and pieces of history so if you want to come up with a good collection of coins, you need to start by collecting coins from different times and periods.

Yes, collecting coins can be a lot of work and it could be quite expensive too but the good news is that if you are able to complete a set of coins minted on a certain period of time, that collection can fetch a handsome price in the market if you choose to sell it. Many coin collectors have made quite a fortune out of their collection after a few years of working on it.

Silver Eagles – Get ’em while you can

ISN Modern Coins is a trusted premier Modern coins dealer specializing in the sale of high grade modern day graded and certified government struck coins from around the world. Their wide variety of coins include but is not limited to “Mint State” and “Proof” American Silver Eagles, Australian Koala’s, Chinese Pandas, Lunar Series Coins and much more. No matter your coin need ISN Modern Coins more than likely can fill it.

Tips on How to Avoid Fraud on Collectible Coins

Many people enjoy shopping online where there are great buys of coins that can be found. A person may prefer do his shopping while he is at home because it is convenient and time-saving instead of going out looking for stores that sell collectible coins.

A popular way to shop for a collectible coins online is at a live online auction that can take several days to complete. They entertain bids for the highest price up until the time the auction is about to close. Many people that are bidding online enjoy the experience and they may be familiar with the strategies to use to win an online auction.

There are also online sites where a person can buy any item that may capture his interest. This is where most coin collectors purchase their desired coins. By searching and finding the item that they want, they can actually negotiate and make the payments through the Internet. This can be very risky with a dealer/seller that is unknown to the buyer, yet many people are still making transactions and payments through this method.

Fraud is common even though many Internet sites that do business online contend that the risk of fraud is not something to worry about. They contend that only 0.0025 percent of true cases of fraud occur with online transactions – that means only one out of 40,000 listed Internet transactions would be fraudulent. On the other hand, the FBI has their own investigations, which prove that those figures are not true- they contend that the risk of fraud is much higher according to their statistics.

A person should believe the FBI for his own protection. Even if one can say that the majority of online coin selling transactions are honest and credible, the process used to make the transaction most probably is questionable and uncertain. There are business transactions, which are intentionally committing fraud with their clients and buyers. Aside from flea-market dealers, mail-order sellers, in-person auctions and some coin stores, the Internet has introduced the crime of fraud to many people in the easiest way possible.

One protection that a coin buyer should know is how to get “feedback”; that way, you can see the ratings other bidders give the seller and he may compare his transaction with the transaction of the others. Since there is a great risk of fraud where there is negative feedback, you may withdraw your participation from the auction if you deem that to be necessary.

You can also acquire ideas by looking for those members who have left “positive feedback” and compare it to the reaction of the sellers. A person can make an assessment of what could be possible useful information from those reactions. Be careful and precise about any transaction that is offered by the seller.

There are instances where a person is deceived about the item he purchased. The photo shown on the Internet displayed the coin that a person wants to have but they delivered a totally different item. These cases are fraud. A person must make sure that the item he saw on the photo is the exact item that will be delivered to him. Here are some tips that will help a person prevent fraud during a coin search in the Internet.

  1. You should save the online photo of the coin you want to purchase. Many sellers remove the image and the title of the item once a purchase has been made.
  2. You should get the description and the auction information. It should either be e-mailed to the buyer or sent in writing by mail.
  3. If there are suspicions regarding an auction, you should ask for clarification from the seller. This will avoid misunderstandings and confusion on the part of the buyer.
  4. You have the right to refuse any transaction where you think the price given on the coin is too high. One should be aware of the standard price of the specific coin and compare it to the price that was given during the online transaction.
  5. You can ensure that there will be no fraud by asking the seller, before the auction closes, if there is any available escrow assistance for the bidder.

These are only a few tips that will ensure a person of his safety when making any transactions online. Fraud can happen to anyone, especially those who are interested in purchasing collectible coins online. It is always important to be informed and knowledgeable about the possibilities of encountering fraud.

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How to Grade Your Coins

A “grade” is described as a shorthand designed by coin experts (numismatists) to reveal a coin’s appearance. Simply put, if a certain coin collector tells another collector that he owns an uncirculated silver American Eagle, both should already have a concept of the coins appearance without even seeing it, because of the claim of its grade.

Some disclose that designating a grade to rank or categorize a coin is more of an art rather than science, since often it is extremely subjective or biased; this applies particularly when working on “Mint State” coins where little differences, in terms of grade, make so much difference in the price.

Grading can be learned, studied and applied with a predictable and known outcome that eventually depends on judgment, not feelings.

Like any language, science, sport, or research, it is best to learn and understand coin grading one component at a time, through serious study and experience.

Today, most numismatists use the “Sheldon grading scale”. While there are those that complain of “too many grades”, most experienced coin graders recognize and appreciate the fact that there is a wide range in features between ranges.


This is the method of stamping or imprinting a drawing or a symbol onto a blank. Depending on the coin’s design, it can either have weak or strong strike. An example of this would be the “Type II gold dollar” on which both sides (front and back) have the highest strike that is perfectly aligned, meaning, these designs require weak strikes.

Generally the strike is not a key factor in establishing the coin’s grade except when it is included in a series where the value is connected to strike.

Preservation of the coin’s surface

The number of coin marks as well as where they are placed is a significant element in establishing the grade. While there is no fixed formula on the number of coin marks that sets its grade, there are several regulated standards regarding the significance of the location or positioning of a scratch.

For instance, a coin having a deep scratch that it is not easily visible on its reverse (back) side will not be strictly penalized. However, if the same scratch was positioned on a noticeable or obvious central point on the front, such as the cheek on the Statue of Liberty, it would be penalized much more.

Patina or luster

A coin can have a variation of textures on the surface, influenced by design, the metal that was used and the “mint of origin”. Textures can include frosty, satiny, proof-like and semi-proof-like.

When examining the coin’s surface in terms of grade, two things should be looked at; the quantity, or what is left of the original skin (has to be intact), and the location and amount of marks.

Luster is important especially when determining whether a coin is either circulated or uncirculated. A coin in Mint State technically; is free of abrasion and wear and must not have significant breaks in its luster.


This is a very subjective element in determining coin grade. For instance, a “gold coin” showing dark green-gold pigmentation may be unattractive to one collector and attractive to another.

As gold is moderately an inert metal, it is not prone to much color variance as copper or silver. Although wide ranging colors may exist in gold coins.

Almost all of US gold coins had been dipped or cleaned, therefore not anymore displaying their original color. As coin collectors become knowledgeable, most of them are attracted and fascinated to coins having their natural color. In most coin series, it is nearly impossible to discover original coin pieces.

Eye attraction or appeal

Color, luster, strike and surface marks come together, comprises “eye appeal”. Note that a coin having superior “eye appeal” can be strong in one aspect, such as possessing exceptional luster but not quite as strong in another aspect, such as not so good color.

A coin that is undesirable in one aspect yet good enough in all the other aspects can still be distinguished as “below average” in “eye appeal”.

Knowing how to grade a coin is very important so that one can have an idea of the value or price of the coin that he is buying or selling. When new to coin collecting, be sure to ask the help of an experienced collector or dealer when buying or exchanging your coins.

Wanna Start Collecting Coins?

There are many reasons why one collects coins. There are collectors who collect on the basis of the coin’s future perceived value, some collect coins coming from just one particular period, some on metal type and some for a coins historical value.

There are also those who enjoy collecting everyday common coins, gaining pleasure from inspecting mint marks and dates on their everyday change. Others have a collection of coins coming from different countries. Some coin collectors spend thousands on rare gold and silver coins from the period of the 1800’s until the early 1900’s.

The hobby of coin collecting can give pleasure and fun to an individual of any age. Many coin collectors began their collection when they were young children, collecting dimes or pennies and many of them have made coin collection a lifetime hobby.

The hobby of collecting coins involves spending money from the very start so it is good to join a coin collectors group to get ideas and help from knowledgeable and experienced collectors.

You need somebody to buy your coins from, and it may be hard to find a coin dealer of good repute when your are new to the hobby, so having someone that has been in this hobby for years can be of great help to guide you on choosing an honest and knowledgeable coin dealer.

Begin by acquiring a big magnifying glass and examine coins in a bright area so you can spot mintmarks, errors and to clearly read dates on worn or damaged coins.

Decide on what coins to collect and buy a “bookshelf folder” for that series.

You must also have storage, such as clear tubes made of plastic or coin tubes having top screws to keep your coins in until you are ready to put them in a coin album; storage can also be good for keeping duplicate coins.

You must learn about different coin values. Follow what types of coins are sold, and how they are priced, based on dealer pricing. You also will need someone or some references that will show you how to evaluate the accurate value of a certain coin based on mint mark, age, color, surface and condition.

“A Guide Book of United States Coins” or universally known as “the red book”, which is published yearly, provides a good outline of the U.S. coins history, information on basic coin grading, coin descriptions from past to present including a list of errors to watch for, average U.S. coins retail cost, and an explanation of errors which occurred in the “minting process”.

Monthly publications from “Coinage” (coin collecting magazine) contain many useful facts and information as well articles about your new found hobby plus a lot of great photos.

The newspaper, particularly in the numismatic world section, will be of great interest to you especially when you become more and more involved and interested in your hobby and want to remain up to date with the present happenings in the world of numismatics.

As you grow more experienced in coin collecting, your “eye for coins” will improve and develop maturely so that you now will be scrutinizing more carefully the features and details such as coin lettering, making certain that the letters are not blemished or blurred, but are still distinguishable.

You will be spending so much interest and concentration on the coin’s general state that eventually you can walk away from certain coins that show evidence of abrasion, and will then be experiencing the fun side of coin collecting.

Spend ample time reading, looking at photos, learning from experienced collectors and asking as many questions as needed from not only other collectors, but dealers as well. The hobby of coin collecting is a continuing process that will last for as long as you are continuing the hobby.

Your knowledge and training will save you a lot of money as well as make you money when the time comes, but more importantly, have fun while learning. Take pleasure in what they call the “Hobby of kings” that has turned to be the “King”of hobbies.

Keep on studying and learning, because the better you understand, the more that you will enjoy your new found hobby.

ISN Modern Coins is a trusted premier Modern coins dealer specializing in the sale of high grade modern day graded and certified government struck coins from around the world. Their wide variety of coins include but is not limited to “Mint State” and “Proof” American Silver Eagles, Australian Koala’s, Chinese Pandas, Lunar Series Coins and much more. No matter your coin need ISN Modern Coins more than likely can fill it.

How to Detect Counterfeit Coins

A special machine does the stamping of coins to make them genuine. People who counterfeit coins are well trained and have the capacity to manipulate their duplication – especially those rare coins which have high value among collectors. The most common procedure used in counterfeiting is that they pour a liquid metal into molds that will leave die marks with cracking on the counterfeit coin.

Those who are experts in determining counterfeit coins have observed that the changes seen in the coins have added, removed, or even altered the coin’s date markings. If a person thinks that he is in possession of a counterfeit collectible coin, he can compare it with another coin – one like the suspect coin – which is known be genuine and have the same markings.

If the coin’s value is more than 5 cents, look for corrugations in the outer edges of the coin. These are very thin railings (also know as “reeding”) on the edges of the coins. Genuine coins have very thin edges and the railings are even and distinct if one is very observant. Those coins that are counterfeit can be distinguished if the edges are not thin enough and the railing is uneven or missing in some areas.

Should there be an instance when a person realizes that he has received a counterfeit coin, he must not return the counterfeit coin to the person he received it from. He must try to delay the person – should he try to escape – or try to keep that person in sight and follow him to his destination if possible. It is important to remember the person’s clothes and physical appearance and if the person has any companion during the exchange: if they have a vehicle, get the car’s license plate number and immediately call the nearest police department or the United States Secret Service for help.

There are many things that can be considered to determine whether the coin is counterfeit or not. There are terms that are used to describe a counterfeit coin’s characteristics and they are as follows:

1. A restrike of a coin can be considered to be genuinely authenticated. These coins are actually dated earlier than those originally issued by the country that released them but have the same or exact features as the original coins.

2. Coins of a specific country in the ancient times are sometimes copied by another country. A person may think that it is forgery, but it is not because they had been legally approved in the country where they originated.

3. Forgery can be associated with the making of an illegal profit. It would be the main objective of the counterfeiting syndicate. The government sometimes uses forgery for political propaganda, as in the Second World War when Germans produced millions of American and British banknotes with the intention of profiting from them and destabilizing their enemy’s economic situation.

4. Another known type of counterfeit coins is replica coins. Replica simply means that the original coins are copied with the same features and markings. The usual counterfeit coins have differences that are noticeable when examined by coin experts. Some coins have the word “copy” intentionally put on the sides of the coins and these replicas are used for educational purposes and museum displays.

5. A Lebanese connection is said to have a huge production of counterfeit coins. These coins were found to be used in an attempt to fool many museums, collectors, business leaders and other countries that are searching for their ancient lost coins before the discovery of this syndicate.

6. The collector intended forgery and the circulated intended forgery are types of forgeries where the coins are intended to be tokens yet the face values are accepted, despite of their illegality and irrelevant intrusive values.

It is important to consult an expert to determine if the coin is counterfeit or fake. An ordinary person can easily detect if the wrong metal was used for the counterfeiting. If the person is a collector of such items, he should be more aware of these coins. A collector needs to be more concerned with the collectible rare coins because this is where counterfeiters benefit frequently – their aim is to profit from the exclusive market for valuable coins.