Ron Paul Silver Commemorative and Silver Barter Round

Some of my favorite silver coins are the silver 2008 Ron Paul Commemorative and 2009 Ron Paul Barter round from the Freedom Mint.

2008 Ron Paul Commemorative
Ron Paul Silver CommemorativeThe frontside of this piece displays the engaging image of Dr. Ron Paul during his historic 2008 Presidential Campaign. The outer ring of design declares Ron Paul is the “Champion of the Constitution” and commemorates the beginning of his “Campaign for Liberty”.

Ron Paul Commemorative BackThe backside displays the stunning imagery of the US Constitution rising over the Earth, behind a rising sun symbolizing the restoring of the republic. The Latin phrase below the words “Restore the Republic”, “Erudio, Strenuus, Restituo”, translate to: “Educate, Activate, Restore”.

2009 Ron Paul Barter Round
Ron Paul Barter RoundThe frontside of this piece displays the stoic image of Dr. Ron Paul captured at the historic “Rally for the Republic”. The outer edge displays the Congressman’s name and commemorates his momentous action to “Audit the Federal Reserve”.

American EagleThe backside of this piece displays an Eagle resting on a perch, its eyes focused on prey and poised to take flight. Over his head are the words “Use Silver to Restore Prosperity”. The American Eagle has been the symbol of the Republic since its birth and has been chosen to represent the Freedom Mint as they work to raise awareness for sound monetary policy.

These brilliant uncirculated coins are minted in 1 Troy Ounce of .999 Fine Silver in a proof-like finish.

These coins are particularly important to me because it was Ron Paul that awakened me to the importance of Constitutional sound money and how the Federal Reserve has been debasing our currency over the past 70 years.