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Cardinal Rules When You Buy Gold

Buying gold is something that those with experience and knowledge in investment do all the time because it is smart. Throughout history and across continents, no other asset can be claimed to be a better investment. In the face of all the threats, the economy can be likened to a roller coaster ride – it can take explosive plunges, unexpected twists and unpredictable ascensions. Macroeconomic, geopolitical, financial and system changes are putting all volatile and unprotected assets at great risk. With these threats, it is understandable why more and more people are seeking the safety of gold and want to buy gold.

A perusal of the various references and reading materials on the Internet will tell you what is there to learn about gold. You probably are already aware that there are many forms of gold investment – securities, certificates, accounts and the physical gold. The choice is generally influenced by one’s motivations and purpose so that it is hard to say which is better over the others.

For example, you can purchase gold on a regular basis depending on your budget. Opening a SilverSaver® account takes just 10 minutes. There is no paperwork to send, and as soon as your account is verified, you can schedule purchases to begin immediately.

If a beginner wishes to invest one’s wealth on gold and wants to know how best to start, the answer is: invest in physical gold or its equivalent. This is because it is the most secured having an actual gold ownership. Physical gold includes jewelry, numismatic coins (the rare kinds), and gold bullion. While all of these have economic values, it is the gold bullion that makes the best form of investment being cheaper to acquire and easier to sell at market price that almost never dwindle.

What is gold bullion and what makes it an ideal form of gold or foundation of an investment pyramid for those creating a diversified investment portfolio? Gold bullion is a collective term for gold bars and refined gold coins. These may come in various sizes, shapes and types. This form of gold can easily change hands through buying and selling. Gold bullion is also a great investment because these can be used as tools for hedging against sudden inflation. Thus, these can preserve or even enhance one’s assets. Though gold bullion may also involve some risks, it is less and can be minimized compared to other forms of gold investments.

If you want to buy gold investment, what are some of the DOs and DON’Ts that you must be followed like cardinal rules?

1. Take time to learn about the trends and patterns of gold prices over time. Take note of those instances when the price soars and when it fluctuates. While past performances may not warrant any projection, it still pays to note the market behavior.

2. Buy gold bullion that bear the marks of quality. Learn how to distinguish them if your intention is to invest only in gold bars with impeccable purity. As a matter of practice, the purity and weight of a gold bar can be identified based on its four marks, to wit: the mark or seal of the goldsmith’s brand; the gross weight given in Troy ounces; percentage of purity; and a serial number of the bar for reference and control.

3. The Internet has made a big dent in the efficiency of finding and consummating buying and selling of gold. But, it has also ushered a new breeds of scams. For one thing, buying online makes it harder to ascertain the markings of gold bullion. Selectivity must be exercised when choosing your source; deal only with credible and trustworthy dealers.

4. Make sure that the delivery and later, the storage of such valuable investment is protected. Insured delivery must be arranged like armored delivery car service for extremely high investments. Storage in special vaults in banks and similar facilities must also be arranged for security purposes.

Gold bullion represents the ultimate asset with stable value and that makes it the best form to be preserved or passed on to the next generation. It forms the foundation in diversified investment portfolios and a secured base before making any investment in other high-risk gold forms of investment like securities, mining stocks, mutual funds and other speculative gold investments. With the security of gold bullion, it looks like buying gold will still remain to be a smart move in the years to come.

Declare Your Independence from the FED Money Ponzi Scheme

Now that Obamacare is the Law of the Land, I believe more strongly than ever that if we are going to survive the financial holocaust this law is bringing, owning physical gold and silver is more important than ever.

Despite the numerous new taxes that will be imposed in the coming years, Obamacare is destined to explode the national debt and deficit. How will the government pay for all that debt?

The FED will print more money… that’s how.

And, what happens when the FED prints money?

Watch this video that explains money creation by the Federal Reserve and how it is manufactured out of thin air.

Quite simply, it devalues our dollar. Each of the paper dollars you have in your wallet will purchase less and less. Some might call it inflation.

I call it theft.

It’s stealing the future purchasing power of all Americans and transfers the wealth to the mega-banks, insurance companies, and derivative speculators.

Watch this video to see how inflation works…

If you want to maintain your purchasing power and have any hope of protecting your wealth, you’ve got to get out of paper assets now and go “all-in” with commodities that maintain their value. In other words, gold and silver.

In addition to perhaps buying some coins from your local coin dealer, I’ve been recommending several other ways to get more precious metals.

Silver Saver

Whatever you choose to do, I suggest you do it soon because the day may not be too far off where you won’t even be able to buy physical gold and silver any longer.

Why Buy Gold Online?

Gold is the perhaps the most valuable and investor friendly metal ever. It is accepted all over the world regardless of country and currency. Gold is a universally accepted trading product. Gold is a powerful demand growing by the day. Buying gold online has become a wonderful stage for investing with the goal to increase your wealth. There are a lot of reliable websites that provide assistance when it comes to buying gold online.

Buying gold online gives you the chance to invest in a wider market. The gold market changes regularly and the prices are almost constantly fluctuating. When buying gold online you can be updated on the real time gold prices. Buying gold online does not demand your constant attention and time, unlike any other businesses where it requires your constant attention. Gold trading is relatively safer for both short-term and long-term investments. Because of these reasons, many people have shifted to buying gold online.

Gold can be seen in two ways, it can be an additional investment that adds color and authority to your market and investment portfolio along with your other investments. You can also view gold as a stable commodity in the trading and investing market.

I don’t recommend gold exchange trade funds (ETF’s) which are funds designed to track the price of gold. While these can be traded easily like stocks, you should instead insist on only buying physical gold.

Once you have made a decision buy gold, it is essential that you find a trustworthy and knowledgeable source to buy from. ISN Modern Coins is one of the largest modern coin dealers headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. ISN Modern Coins is known for exceptional talent, world-class service, extremely competitive pricing and the ability to provide our clients with a wide range of numismatic choices.

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